Clever Tips to Save Big on Your Chosen Honolulu, HI Event Venues and Your Other Wedding Needs

Six Practical Wedding Planning Tips

venue3It is understandable that when you get married, you have to be financially stable. It is not just about starting a new chapter of life, but the expensive costs actually starts on the day you plan your wedding day. Here are some clever tips that can help you save on your wedding venues in Honolulu, HI and on your other wedding needs.

Tip no. 1

Avoid summer months

Summer months are when wedding vendors are totally in demand and this makes them increase their rates for their offered supplies and services. Not only for your wedding venue, you must also keep in mind that having a wedding during summer will also cost you a lot on your other wedding needs. Choose a wedding date that does not land on summer months and if possible, avoid the most common types of wedding venues and most popular wedding vendors to hire.

Tip no. 2

Avoid Saturdays

This is a regular day when wedding vendors are always busy and when venues are always full. Just like summer months, you should also avoid Saturday wedding dates. Remember that it is not only you holding an event within your area. Choose a weekday or Sunday instead.

Tip no. 3

Hire one wedding venue only

Instead of hiring separate wedding venues in Honolulu, HI for your ceremony and banquet, it is more practical to hire one venue that can hold both affairs. This way, you get to save more and make it more convenient for you and your guests. There would be no more paying separately and extra travel time to go through.

Tip no. 4

Get suggestions from the wedding experts

When it comes to your wedding needs, what can help you best are the suggestions and recommendations that you can get from those who have already experienced it. Be it from those who really had a good time planning their wedding or from you’ve hired wedding planner who has massive networks and business affiliates in the wedding industry. There is also a bigger chance for you to get higher discounts and more practical wedding packages.

Tip no. 5

Hire professionals and DIY just a bit

Many may find it very expensive, but in fact hiring professionals for your wedding needs is a very practical move. You can take your catering needs as a good example. When you hire a professional wedding caterer, everything from the food, service, and rentals will already be taken care of. You simple are saving yourself from all the hassle that you could suffer. Wedding caterers nowadays offer ideal wedding packages for those who are on a budget then you can just DIY a portion of it that you still think a bit costly for you.

Tip no. 6

Get as many services from a single wedding vendor

If you can find a wedding vendor that can provide you almost everything you need for your wedding, the better it would be. Save time and money by hiring a wedding vendor for each part of your wedding needs and get discount from packaging them all together.

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