Wedding Photographer Things to Remember When Doing an Outdoor Photography in Houston, TX

The Dos and Don’ts

photo12Planning wedding abroad during summer is perfect for outdoor wedding photography because of the vibrant colors and sunny sky. However, there are few things that you need to consider in order to avoid any disaster or problem. As a of wedding photographer in Houston, TX you should plan the photo shoot with your photographer ahead of time, visit this site

It is crucial that you will start as early as possible or late afternoon. This will help you to avoid the heat of the sun. It is not advisable to take photos after 10 am. Aside from it will be too hot and the heat will make you sweat and wear out your make up, the sun will create shadow in your face that is not so appealing in the photos. Basically, many photographers suggest to have an outdoor photography during golden hour.

Wear a sun screen in order to protect your skin from UV. It is suggested to apply sunscreen with spf 60. Though this is not a requirement but it is more effective than those other cream under spf 60.

If you are planning to have the photo shoot in the forest or somewhere there is a lot plants you should wear insect repellant. This will protect you from any crawling insect that might bite you. Also, avoid using sweet smell perfume because it might call the attention of insects and might attack you.

Always bring extra clothes. It is important that after those sweaty shoots you will change your cloth to avoid getting cough or colds. Bring towel to wipe your sweat. It is ideal to bring thin clothes so that you will cool down easily. Don’t forget to bring water because you need to replenish yourself to avoid dehydration.

Wear lighter makeup. If you have makeup artist tell him to apply thin layers of makeup and make it more natural. An outdoor wedding photographer in Houston, TX doesn’t require too much coloring in the face. Your beauty should be as natural as the surrounding. Have a makeup that will make you look fresh so that you will register well in the camera.

Safety first. Some couples tend to have a death defying stunts for the sake of unique photographs. If you are outside and trying some dangerous pose you need to think again. It would be great to have simple poses which is safe rather than doing something stupid and will make you regret in the end. If you are in a rocky place it would be great to wear comfortable flat shoes to avoid any accident.

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