Planning Your Wedding Abroad

For couples who are dreaming to tie the knot abroad, it is no longer just a dream. It could be transformed into reality. Planning a wedding abroad is not as easy as you think. There are so many valuable things that you should prepare first before you succeed in your wedding abroad.

If you want to get rid of extra cost related to weddings at home, tying the knot abroad is a perfect option. International weddings are also proven to be less stressful as compared to nuptials at home. Wedding destinations have more than capable planners and organizers. Not only that, you will also get good weather and many surprises.

destination wedding

Here is an ultimate guide on how to plan your wedding abroad that you can follow:

Like a local wedding, the first thing that you need to hire in this kind of service is the planner. You need to find out who is the best planner in the destination you have chosen. Setting up a Skype or phone interview with the planner will help you a lot before signing the contract. Since you are not familiar with the local wedding dynamics, please make sure that the planner will handle all the legal aspects of the wedding. To get to know more about the planner, make sure you have read his/her profile and previous customer’s recommendation.

The second thing that will concern you a lot is the destination itself. You cannot book a wedding into a certain destination that you have not visited before. Make sure that you actually visited the place. A successful destination wedding is something that you have fell in love with. Schedule a visit to the destination you have chosen and explore the place. During the visitation, make sure to meet up with local planner and start discussing possibilities. In this way, you’ll get to have an idea where will you be getting make up artist, hairdresser, florist, and so on.

The next aspect of destination wedding is the settling of major documents. The documents should be composed of the following: passport, birth certificate, single status confirmation, absolute decree (if you are divorced), and parent consent (for below 18 couples).

Getting married abroad means you also need to check the period of time you are required to stay before tying the knot. Some countries may require you and your partner’s visas. When it comes to visas, it is your sole responsibility not your planner’s. If you are planning for a wedding abroad, you need to call the embassy ahead of time.

International weddings are as important as your ordinary local weddings. The only difference is that it is away from home, private and more intimate. The last thing that you need to worry about is being late. As a smart couple, arriving four days or a week ahead is the best thing to do. In this way, you can avoid last minute stress and issues.

As part of your ultimate guide on how to plan your wedding abroad, the dress should not be neglected. As much as possible, the dress that you will wear should go well with the destination’s weather. Hot and summery destinations are perfect for dresses made of tulle and chiffon. Warm locations are the enemy of dresses with heavy fabric like satin, so you should take note of them.

Transporting the dress could be a major problem for the bride, since it is big and susceptible to damage. If you can, try to order your dress from the destination’s local bridal boutique. The same thing should be observed with your accessories. But if you have the determination to transport all of them, you are free to do so.